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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tom Allalone & The 78s

Tom Allalone & The 78s are a Kent based indie rock band, whose debut album Major Sins Pt.1 came out on Nettwerk Records on May 5th 2009. Its a quirky and forceful attempt from the debuting foursome of music enthusiasts - they certainly aren't afraid of turning their guitars up loud, and they without a doubt have every bit the confidence and swagger their song structures suggest. From the same label as Ladytron, Datarock and Placebo, Tom Allalone and his 78s have brought the British music scene a high dosage of what can only be described as 'banging' riffs, extrovertive vocals and dirty overdriven indie rock. Tom Allalone's music is one part post-Arctic Monkeys indie rock explosion, one part Jet-style high tempo blues rock and one part near-perfect execution. There is a bluesy edge to everything on this distinctly British album, and you can sample this in the form of a free download of single Get Down and Dirty via the bands myspace.

Members Tom Allalone, Richard Clarke, Si Fawcett and Matt Evans have just finished touring of the UK with Stereophonics and Imelda May and have set some time down in the studio writing for a new album. They have a one-off Oxford Street support slot in mid September with The Magic Numbers, following a 2nd in command slot at Poole Park Festival late August (just down the road from me - i'd attend if it didn't clash with Reading Festival!).

Tom and his 78s are definitely a jazz-influenced punk foursome to watch out for this year, especially with the announcement of several new songs written and ready to go. If they're anything like the last lot they released they'll be punchy, intelligent and more infectious than swine flu.

Album through the myspace, sample mp3 below. Watch Crashland in session live at Phoenix FM above.

Tom Allalone & The 78s - Sign On, You Lazy Diamond (mp3)

1 comment:

  1. Great band with amazing songwriting!


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