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Monday, 17 August 2009

Lonely London Lad

As the name definitely doesn't suggest, Lonely London Lad is in fact an indie rock three piece from just out of California. They are quirky and experimental, with fully streamable music via their myspace, and to be quite honest, you never really know with them what is coming next.

Just by a brief look at their Myspace, you can tell that these guys are determined to make it big. They've just released a 25 track mega-album on their own label Lonely London Lad Records which they have gone about promoting unashamedly, gaining reviews on a wide range of music blogs as well as setting up their own merchandise shop. Its also a breath of fresh air to see a band website that is firstly, genuinely interesting and secondly, updated. They've gone and mixed their new album down into a short sampler which standing at 4 minutes 20 seconds, is actually very entertaining. Once more, they've made confusing and original music videos to match their music, put together eccentrically by the sole employee of LLL records - Rob.

The unconventional art rockers have been together since early 2008, and since then have made over 50 music videos. LLL is made up of two Americans and one Brit, one of which apparently sold his private island to keep Lonely London Lad indie. Lonely London Lad's awkward and somewhat unorthodox nature is certainly reflected in their music. Art rockers is the perfect way to describe them, and a comparison to the UK's Rakes would not be unrealistic.

There is no news of touring, especially not to the UK, but with a large album release and the bands prolific nature - it's only a matter of time. Rarely have I seen a band with so much solid material behind them before they contemplated an album. It'd be nice to see Lonely London Lad back in London, but i definitely can't imagine them being lonely if they played a gig here.

Lonely London Lad are a driven and motivated band on the rise, with a Menomena/Yeasayer influence on Rakes style straight leg indie rock claiming original reviews across the blogosphere.

I've failed miserably at getting hold of an mp3 for you. But the video is a fine one.

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