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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Introducing.. Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym are by no means a new post-rock band. The two brothers Mike and Jared, signed to Magic Bullet Records, formed the band in 2001, and although no material was printed until 2005, they have an EP and two albums out, and an April 2009 split with This Will Destroy You. Looking ahead, they have their latest LP Shutter Release due out in November, following a recently announced September US tour in support of The Books. However this certainly isn't their first prestigious support slot - since they became active in 2005, they've shared the stage with Her Space Holiday, The One AM Radio, Broken Social Scene, Crystal Castles, The Album Leaf and This Will Destroy You - a very diverse set of acts for a post-rock duo to play with.

In terms of sound, they lie somewhere between the speed sections of This Will Destroy You's debut album and the out of time melodic sections of contemporaries such as Explosions In The Sky. They combine the two influences to form guitar driven walls of sound, seperated out by semi-ambient melodies and glitch electronics. The result is not violent but euphoric and intense, partly jazz influenced, and held together by eerily calm ambient drones and bone shattering drumming. As with a lot of post-rock, Lymbyc Systym manage to start off their songs calmly and quietly but seamlessly raise the mood into Broken Social Scene style euphoria in the outro.

The Field Studies split w/ This Will Destroy You is available now on Magic Bullet Records or through Amazon.

The new album is due November on Mush Records.

Lymbyc Systym - Narita (mp3) (taken from the Field Studies Split EP)

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