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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Epic45 announce new mini-album and pre-order

Staffordshire based dream pop band Epic45 have announced the pre-order sale for their new mini album In All The Empty Houses which, according to the band, will go on sale 'soon'. According to the bands myspace, videos for the new album's tracks are also imminent at their website.

The band have over 20 releases since 1995 and have built enough of a reputation to gain contributions from Simon Scott (Slowdive and Televise) and from newest member Paul Mannasseh. Their sound is a mixture of acoustics and shoegazing electronica sounds reminiscent of Sigur Ros and M83, combined with loose fingerpicked guitars and luscious, distant vocals. They've never been a band to search for limelight; the music mirrors this, it is happy to drift along pleasantly and aimlessly to the finish. Their last full release, 2007's May Your Heart Be The Map, was described by Word Magazine as the "best English Summer album ever."

Tracklisting for In All The Empty Houses:

1. We Were Never Here
2. Daylight Ghosts
3. In All The Empty Houses
4. The Future Is Blinding
5. Their Voices In The Rafters
6. Ghosts On Tape

Preorder the album through Norman Records, and hear some sound clips on THIS LINK.

Epic45 - Winterbirds

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