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Thursday, 6 August 2009

New No Age - Losing Feeling EP

Two man noise punk outfit No Age have announced a free stream for their latest installment of guitar-bashing atonal pop music; this time in the form of the Losing Feeling EP, coming out on mp3 and 12" vinyl but not on compact disc. The four track is set for release in both formats on 6th October in the US, and is available at a discounted price if you pre-order.

As for content, supposedly Genie was recorded in the bands practice space, and the other three tracks at LA in Infrasonic Sound Studios. They have definitely gone for the ambient sections of Nouns to work on for the new EP, which is in no way as heavy in sound as the debut album bar fourth track Your A Target, which sounds like your soaring towards one. The EP is definitely an entertaining piece of music - stream it HERE.

No Age - Teen Creeps (from 2008's Nouns - Link Via Sub Pop Records)

Preorder the EP at a discount HERE.

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