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Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Wild Beasts SXSW Session

Quirky indie rock band Wild Beasts have released a new Daytrotter Session at SXSW showcase this year in support of their fourth album Two Dancers. The session does not sadly feature the fantastic Hooting & Howling (the video which you can find HERE in a previous post), but does contain the next single (adjudged purely by the band on crowd reception) All The King's Men as well as the bands 'rock' This Is Our Lot. There is also a nice version of the vocal showcase of a lead Limbo, Panto single Devils Crayon.

The falsetto leads the songs as always with Wild Beasts, the quivering voice of singer Hayden Thorpe hovering just over the delicate and fragile rhythms the band create.
The tour takes place in October (full details here) and the highly anticipated album came out August 3rd.

Check out the SXSW session on THIS LINK.


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